Wednesday, December 30, 2009

somewhere over the rainbow.

a day for rainbows.

rainbow #1:

my daughter received a hair dryer for hannukah from my in-laws. she and my son were both excited. they both very much enjoy having their hair dried under the hand dryers after we are done swimming at the public pools. a nice treat for example after enjoying a morning of pyjama swimming.

the first time we used the hair dryer, my wife came running out of the bathroom. i went back for the camera and posted a short video.  my friend A. suggested that i turn the short film into a .gif animation.

at the office, I asked H. what he knew about .giff apps. my assistant K. pointed me to an AngelFire hosted site that boasted retro-eighties web design. complete of course with .giff animations and funky rainbows .gifs. apparently she used to make stuff like this in high school all the time. no big deal.

rainbow #2:

k asked me to come back with a cookie. i expected to do it. however, the establishment i went to had none. instead, i undertook to purchase her a small muffin. they had lemon, chocolate and rainbow flavoured. i asked the lady at the counter which one she would choose and she told me that for her it was all about the "rainbow hemp" flavour. i differed to her better judgement and according to K. it was "fucking delicious". fucking delicious rainbow flavoured cupcake. (it never did look like a muffin . . . )

rainbow #3

spinning rainbow wheel of hell (see also: spinning rainbow wheel of death); noun, object; an icon which indicates that your macintosh computer has entered into a blissful state of equanimity to contemplate the vastness of the universe. fucking rainbow of wheel of death. fucking rainbows.

rainbow #4

penticton, bc, late summer 2004; canadian tire parking lot.

rainbow #5

what the hell, how about a unicorn? hardcore unicorn.

rainbow #6

and why are there so many songs about rainbows?

rainbow #7

climbed a mountain pass with my so terribly unhappy family. got to a nice look-out in the clouds. in the fucking clouds. and there's an honest to goodness rainbow perfectly arched behind me. and i'm in the picture not posed but just kinda sitting there in the cloud. sort of turned around towards the camera but also kinda on a precipice ready to still climb - down perhaps? i am wearing a nice jacket that fits me well and blue jogging pants.i look at myself and feel my own confidence there, in a fucking rainbow looking pretty decent for 12 years old.

it ended up mounted on a photo album page in an autobiography that i wrote for my grade 9 english class.

s. wanted to read it and took the whole binder lot of it. a memento which she held onto.

i didn't see s. for a few years till one evening in victoria. it was nice to see her, and we shopped for children's books together, i remember her being pregnant, but still young at 17. she gave me back the autobiography but had kept the photo of me in the rainbow.

we talk sometimes on facebook, she is a person who keeps going  and makes pretty damned good jokes in spite of some pretty dire family and health challenges.

she is certainly deserving a rainbow of her own.

rainbow #8

of course judy garland. for now and ever.

i thought about her, the first time i was really locked up. in youth detention. in a small holding cell.

it was concrete and i had been stripped naked and searched before given a set of facility clothes including a pair of shoes. i had no intention of identifying myself and was very aware of myself in the present. i thought of those shoes and wondered where she meant when she said that there was "no place like home".

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