Friday, December 11, 2009

Mama made my parts.

so i'm washing hazel's hands and i say to her that i just love her little hands, they're so beautiful. i tell her that i'm so full of love for all of her parts.

she says: "mama made my parts. do you love the parts that my mama made?"

strangely, she understands that the existence of her physicality is beyond her ability to form. what a lovely respect she has for her mother, her maker.


  1. ahhh! so sweet zev! and again, it shows how similar scarlett and hazel are. whenever i tell scarlett how beautiful/clever/funny she is, she always says, but mom, it's because you made me so beautiful/clever/funny.

  2. leah, i really felt the similarity the first time i met scarlett. i pretty much fell in love with her right away and she did remind me so much of hazel. they're both very loving vibrant . . . balanced (?!?!?) little people. it would be fun to have them together over a sustained period. . . one day. . . .