Wednesday, December 9, 2009

This is me.

So I've started a blog and intend to be pretty faithful to it and the issues that permeate my life. In this blog, I'll wear it on my sleeve and subject readers to the cross-section of my issues and passions. Expect to read about my tribulations with having the public education system "educate" my son, expect to read recipes on the latest baking project, expect to read my musings on urban geography, my rants on . . . . everything. . . . expect to see lots of photographs . . . and . . . generally, the chronicles of a man displaced by the events of the past trying to find a cultural and political home for himself and his family in the present.

Feel free to ridicule, argue, disagree, agree, compliment, belittle etc.


  1. Zev - great stuff - wow a lot of your work is phenomenal - I'll be back for sure...
    Sorry, feeling a lack of words, as I often do when moved by visual things...

  2. Beautiful photos ... off to a good start! :-)

  3. You are also a son, a grandson, a husband, a Canadian, a caring person, a peace-maker, a budinsky, a Woody Allen fan and my nephew

  4. Yééé!
    Glad you started this thing, mister.
    I always liked your writings.

    Excuse mon anglais, eh.