Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Kids Photographing their Lives.

The  Charles Dicken Photo Project

I am now able to present, a selection of photographic work from Charles Dickens school made by kids in kindergarten to grade 2.

I've been working with 6 students  per week during which time i give a brief introduction to photography, teach them about the camera and some of it's basic features (self-timer, zoom, turn flash off etc.) and encourage them to take as many pictures as they like within their world. A standard camera cheap digital camera is provided by the school for the purpose of this project.

The rest of their week, the students spend photographing. Some kids have taken minimal pictures 8-15 others go nuts and have taken over 500 (cameras are 9MP and equipped with 2GB cards). To date, every kid has taken photographs that are in at least some way moving. Many of the images are actually quite brilliant. Indeed, I am humbled by their intimacy and authenticity.

The next phase of the project is now to produce hard output for the children. The lovely staff at the Hastings and Cambie outlet of Opus are working closely with me to produce an enormous "contact sheet" of over 600 images on a nice thick paper. Volunteer parents at the school will cut up these 4' by 12' sheets into beautiful individual cards featuring a selection of their own work.

My hope is that the kids will value these small cards and share them with each other and talk about them serving as an intimate alternative to other trading cards that populate their lives. Altogether I hope they will come to a familiarity with each other's lives and a sense of pride in being able to self-ascribe value to the important aspects in their very specific lives. Additionally, the classroom teachers are preparing some programming to  re-integrate the images into day-to-day programming.

Looking ahead, we're excited to be planning "art openings" both in the school itself as well as in the community at-large.

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  1. Nice Work... some of these photographs look very professional. I would like some framed on my walls.