Friday, June 18, 2010

Photographing our Lives

Shows hangs next week!

Project Statement:
In the monotony of our everyday lives we sometimes forget the acute nature of being alive in this world. We forget the incredible gifts of having friends, family, and homes. We forget the poignant sadness that makes our world rich with feeling. In approaching the young children (aged 5-8) of Charles Dickens Elementary School with a photo project, I wanted them to take the cameras and engage their lives. I wanted them to turn their lenses onto their own worlds and photograph the moments, objects, places and people that were important to them.
The results have been astounding. Every one of the 41 children involved in the project returned with a camera full of memorable intimate images. As a photographer myself, I crave photographs that authentically illustrate the small nuances of being alive in the world and these children, embracing the project, photographed their worlds with sensitivity and great interest.
Most moving for me has been the pride that the students have shown in their work. Different from a product oriented pride, where a child enjoys having made a nice drawing or something of that ilk, these children are exhibiting a pride in the beauty they have found in their own lives. 
In now displaying and providing audience for their efforts, we join together in affirming the value that their unique lives have in this world.

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